• Best introduction to the city:

    We want to show you the best of the city so you can keep unforgetable memories of a funny and ecologic tour. You can ask to the Tuk Tuk guide to stop so you can take photographs whenever or wherever you want, you can visit our best cultural and historic heritage, our best beaches and food..

    – Take magnifique photographs!

    – Our tours are private! Doesn´t matter if you are booking for 2 or 6 persons, you are booking the whole Tuk Tuk!

    – Insurance included!

    – Excellent manner to know the city in a short time! Either if you are in here for a long time or just making a short visit, you will know the best places.

    – Save time on your holidays!!!

    100% ELETRIC



    Our Tuk Tuk´s

    Our Tuk Tuk´s are produced in Thailand and exported to Europe, then they are adapted with an eletric motor in a factory in Holland. They fulfill all the security rules of European Union. Each Tuk Tuk seat 6 passengers. Transports children over 2 with total security – We have Children security seats!

    Our mission:

    1) Integrate you and your friends/family into our cultural environment; 2) Offer guided tours in na ecological and sustainable manner; 3) Disseminate the natural, cultural, and historical richness of our city.